Four simple steps to request a 50-item demo project in GMDH Streamline

If you wish to test GMDH Streamline using your data, please follow these four simple steps.

1. Include as much history as possible in your sales history file

We recommend a minimum of at least 24 months of sales data so that GMDH Streamline can automatically see seasonality. When less than 24 months of information are used, depending on the data, the demand model may be just a trend (although a very smart trend!).

2. Prepare your data

Streamline is very flexible, and can take data in a format you may already have. GMDH Streamline supports a number of formats: sales aggregated by periods (months or weeks), or a raw list of customer orders exported from your database.

For Demand Planning

Here is an example of the historical sales spreadsheet in the proper format for Demand Forecasting.

Required data: item code, sales history for 2 years.


Download Example

If it is easier to create your file with this information in rows, as opposed to columns, Streamline can easily take information in either way.

Streamline can build hierarchies of product categories (e.g. item category > item subcategory > item code) and location categories (e.g. region > city > store). Just add as many category columns as you need into the data table and make shure that the historical data is broken by these categories.

For Sales & Operation Planning

Streamline allows generating revenue forecast based on demand forecast and planned or forecasted prices. Here is an example of the data in the proper format for Sales & Operation Planning.

Required data: item code, sales history for 2 years, selling price per unit.


Download Example

For Demand Planning & Inventory Planning

If you are interested in using Streamline for Inventory Management, it would be helpful to provide your inventory parameters. Here is a example of the data spreadsheet in the proper format for Inventory Planning.

Required data: item code, sales history for 2 years, on hand, lead time, in transition, delivery date, order cycle.


Download Example

3. Send your data

Email us your sales history and inventory data in Excel or CSV files. We keep your data strictly confidential. We will load your data and prepare a 50-item demo project for you.

4. Schedule a demonstration of the application using your data

Once the demo project is ready, we will inform you and offer to schedule a meeting and go through the demo project and specifics of your use of Streamline.

Please contact us with any questions. We will be happy to help!