Get a Free Demo Project for Your Data

lock-iconWe will keep your data confidential. Your data will never leave our company, and it will not be used in any way other than to prepare the demo project.

If you want to learn more about how GMDH Shell can help you forecast your data, you can trial it for free.

The offer works as follows:

  1. You send us a slice of your data and a short description. We recommend it has at least 24 months of data, so that GMDH Shell is able to capture the seasonality. With less than 12 months of data, the demand model is just a trend (however, a very smart trend).
  2. We produce an appropriate program configuration for you.
  3. You load that configuration into GMDH Shell and evaluate the results.

You will see quickly how well GMDH Shell performs, and whether it suits your needs.

4 easy steps to prepare your data

  1. Prepare the dataset in one of the following formats: txt, csv, xls, xlsx or ods.
  2. If necessary, keep your data confidential. Replace data series labels with Brand A, Brand B, etc.
  3. In broad terms, tell what kind of data it is.
  4. Keep it real. Please don’t randomize, normalize or scale the data. Otherwise the results won’t be clear to you.

Use the form below to send us the data.

You can attach files up to 25MB. Otherwise, please use a file sharing service, like Dropbox.