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Streamline Tops Supply Chain Suites, Demand Planning, S&OP and drives 27 categories in the G2 Grid Spring 2024 Report

We are excited to announce that Streamline Integrated Business Planning Platform has achieved outstanding recognition in G2’s Spring 2024 report, earning an impressive total of 27 across various categories.

Momentum Leadership – More on the Way

According to the G2 Grid Spring 2024 Report Streamline has been acknowledged as the leading solution in the Supply Chain Suites, Demand Planning and Inventory Control categories.

The Momentum Grid rates user satisfaction, workforce growth, and digital presence. It identifies products gaining significant momentum. This recognition showcases Streamline’s dedication to offering excellent solutions and adjusting to user needs.

High Performer & Leader

The G2 Grid categories where Streamline was highly recognized, receiving the “High Performer” and the “Leader” awards are the following:

  • Demand Planning
  • Inventory Control
  • Supply Chain Plannning
  • Sales & Ops Planning

Best Results & Best Estimated ROI

We are also pleased to mention that Streamline has received “Best Results” and “Best Estimated ROI” awards in the Supply Chain Suites Category.

The “Best Results” G2 badge is bestowed upon software products that have achieved high customer satisfaction scores and demonstrated outstanding results in helping customers achieve their goals.

The Best Estimated ROI badge from G2 recognizes companies that have shown a substantial return on investment to their customers. It is awarded to those whose product or service has delivered measurable, tangible results for an organization.

Among other G2 categories where we’ve been distinguished are the rewards of Best Usability, Best Relationship, Best Implementation, Easiest Setup and Fastest Implementation.

Streamline has garnered G2 rewards for Supply Chain Planning and Demand Planning across various countries in the regions of EMEA, Asia, and Europe. This broadened presence represents a significant milestone for us, as it recognizes Streamline’s ability to connect with and constantly support customers in diverse geographic locations. We are thrilled to deliver innovative solutions and exceptional support on a global scale.

Here are a few reasons why Streamline was recognized:

1. Real Value for Business

At Streamline, we aim to achieve concrete and significant results for our clients’ businesses. We take great pride in hearing our clients’ success stories, highlighting how we have helped them expand their operations and increase efficiency.

Aditya A. says: “Using GMDH streamline brings about efficiency and productivity in the overall operations of the company.”

2. Ease of use

Streamline provides an easy-to-use platform with accurate forecast analysis. The onboarding process and implementation requirements are user-friendly, making it a seamless experience for businesses.

3. Customer Support

At Streamline, we are dedicated to providing exceptional support to our customers.

Verified user in consumer goods says: “The customer service is A+. I’ve always received same-day responses to any questions or troubleshooting issues, and usually within an hour or two. GMDH has a great support team always at your disposal.”

4. Product Innovation & Capability

Richard D. says:”I am very impressed with how well GMDH Streamline can predict future sales. This intelligent software uses advanced mathematical algorithms to accurately determine the ideal stock levels for our business operations. By utilizing this powerful tool, we can make sure that we maintain optimal inventory levels, avoiding both excess and shortage issues.”

Being a leader means staying ahead of the curve, and we’re committed to delivering innovative capabilities that extend beyond automating familiar business processes. Continuously enhancing our solution, we aim to equip customers with the tools they need to tackle their challenges effectively.

G2 rankings from real user reviews greatly help us gauge our impact on businesses. We extend our sincere gratitude to our customers for sharing their valuable feedback on G2. Their reviews inspire us daily to maintain our commitment to excellence.

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  • 1-5 percentage points margin improvement.
  • Up to 56X ROI in one year. 100% ROI in the first 3 months.
  • Up to 90% reduction in time spent on forecasting, planning, and ordering.