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The #1 Rated Integrated Business Planning Platform for Manufacturers

Reduce stockouts by 98%
Get a full visibility on KPIs real-time
Achieve 99% product availability

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Streamline allows you to ensure a steady supply of goods across your value chain.
Material requirements planning
Ensure that you have the right parts available on time and are able to ship finished goods to your customers as promised.
Flexible manufacturing
Make to order or make to stock based on demand forecast.
Batch manufacturing
Round up manufacturing orders to batch size and account for minimum batch.
Optimal inventory levels
Avoid unnecessary overstock while ensuring you have sufficient levels of inventory to cover future demand on time
Demand forecasting
Automatic demand forecasting by product and customer.
Agile safety stock
Keep safety stock with materials, finished products, or intermediates.

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Reduce stockouts by 98%. Get a full visibility on real-time. Achieve 99% product availability

What does Streamline do?

Successful businesses work in collaboration with complete transparency across the entire supply chain. The manufacturing process is full of circumstances – complexity in the statistical forecast for manufacturing planning, timely order of raw materials to prevent material shortages, and excess inventory turning into a value. All of these processes require lots of attention and knowledge from supply planners and usually convert into too much manual work in Excel. Common issue? Meet Streamline, which is designed to match the manufacturer’s needs.
Save time spend on planning

Easily streamline production plans based on sales orders or demand forecasts.

Automate MRP

Streamline your material requirements plan and issue purchase orders on time.

Ship on time

Get rid of material shortages, produce and ship on time.

Unlock supply chain potential

Reduce stockouts by up to 98%. Increase profits by 1.5% of annual revenue or more with Streamline.