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The #1 Rated Integrated Business Planning Platform for Retailers

Save 90% time spent on forecasting, planning, and ordering
Achieve 99+% inventory availability
1-5 percentage points margin improvement

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What does Streamline do?

Successful businesses work in collaboration with complete transparency across the entire supply chain. The manufacturing process is full of circumstances – complexity in the statistical forecast for manufacturing planning, timely order of raw materials to prevent material shortages, and excess inventory turning into a value. All of these processes require lots of attention and knowledge from supply planners and usually convert into too much manual work in Excel. Common issue? Meet Streamline, which is designed to match the manufacturer’s needs.
Save time spend on planning

Automate replenishment planning.

Maintain high availability

Keep shelves full by taking into account your planograms and the forecast.

Increase inventory turnover

Keep reasonably low inventory levels while providing the highest possible service level.

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Streamline allows you to ensure a steady supply of goods across your value chain.
Demand forecasting
Automatic demand forecasting by product and store. Forecasting seasonal products, new products, holidays and promotions, as well as price elasticity.
Optimal inventory levels
Avoid unnecessary overstock while ensuring you have sufficient levels of inventory to cover future demand on time.
Multi-echelon planning
Plan replenishment for a system of warehouses mixing distribution center function and direct supply in all combinations.
Minimum display quantities
Keep your replenishment plan aligned with planograms.
Keep safety stocks higher for your A products.
Streamline can account for calendar events like holidays and day-offs as well as promo events easily.
Ordering Days
Send purchase orders to your suppliers on the right day of the week.

See what Streamline can do for you