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GMDH launches a new Partner Program

New York, NY — February 20, 2020 — GMDH Inc., a global innovative provider of supply chain planning and predictive analytics solutions, today announced the launch of the new Streamline Partner Program tailored for resellers, consultants, and technology providers to provide them with the unique advantages on the fast-growing market of demand forecasting solutions. The new program offers potential partners more opportunities to unlock new SMB revenue streams by expanding their solution portfolio with Streamline – demand forecasting and supply chain planning AI software designed for retailers, wholesale distributors and manufacturers.

The Streamline Partner Program will allow participants to join GMDH’s growing network on three levels of participation, Referral, Certified and Premium Implementation, partners within all tiers will benefit from enhanced availability and expansion into global markets, maximizing joint opportunities.

Through the Streamline Partner Program, we are committed to giving customers high-level communication from local partners to assist customers in their evaluation of the Streamline solution,’ said Natalie Lopadchak-Eksi, VP of Partnerships at GMDH Streamline. ‘We’re committed to supporting our partners by providing them with more content, tools and training to support their own revenue streams.’

The Streamline Partner Program will offer a variety of benefits to partners, including referred leads, value-based discounting and recurring commissions, unlimited technical, marketing and customer support.

Streamline is, in my opinion, the best forecasting and inventory planning solution for my customers. Many of my customers are looking for that solution that gives them a chance to dump their spreadsheets. I’ve been working with GMDH for a few years now, and I consider them to be a great partner, with amazing staff, and a passion to make inventory planning spreadsheets extinct!’ said Israel Lopez, Founder at Israel Lopez Consulting.

For additional information on the Streamline Partner Program and to learn how to maximize the potential around the customer experience, please visit our Partner page.

About GMDH:

GMDH is a global innovative provider of supply chain planning and predictive analytics solutions. GMDH solutions are built on a 100% proprietary technology and handle every part of the demand and inventory planning process, providing complete transparency across the entire supply chain.

Press Contact:

Mary Carter, PR Manager

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