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Streamline is recognized as a leader in G2’s Fall 2023 report

We are excited to share that Streamline Supply Chain Planning Platform has been highly rated in thirteen G2 Grid Fall 2023 report categories.

According to G2 reports, Streamline has been recognized as the leading solution in the Supply Chain Suites Category, reaffirming its position as a top provider in the industry. Additionally, Streamline has also achieved an impressive ranking as the second-best Sales & Ops Planning Software in the market.

The categories where Streamline stands as a Leader are the following: Also, Streamline has received a significant number of High Performer rewards:
  • High Performer Fall 2023
  • High Performer EMEA Fall 2023
  • High Performer Mid-Market Fall 2023
  • High Performer Mid-Market Americas
  • High Performer Small Business Americas
  • High Performer Small Business Fall

Momentum Leadership — Even More to Come

Streamline is a “Momentum Leader” in four of the categories — Inventory Control, Demand Planning, Supply Chain Suits and Supply Chain Planning categories for Fall 2023. Momentum Leader means that Streamline was ranked in the top 25% of the category’s products by the users.

This recognition signifies the impressive growth trajectory of our products. The Momentum Grid, which takes into account user satisfaction scores, employee growth, and digital presence, identifies products that are experiencing significant growth. This recognition highlights Streamline’s commitment to providing high-quality solutions and their success in meeting the evolving needs of their users.

Among other G2 categories where we’ve been distinguished is the achievement of the Best Usability, Best Relationship, Most Implementable Product, and Fastest Implementation Product.

It is also important to mention Streamline recognition for Best Usability. This award is presented to the product with the highest overall usability score, as determined by customer satisfaction ratings in categories such as ease of use, ease of administration, user adoption percentage, and number of reviews received.

Streamline has received recognition as the Most Implementable Product, which is awarded for achieving the highest implementation rating. Furthermore, Streamline’s Best Usability award highlights its commitment to providing a user-friendly experience. This recognition is given to the product with the highest overall usability score, as determined by customer satisfaction ratings in categories such as ease of use, ease of administration, user adoption percentage, and the number of reviews received.

Here are a few reasons why Streamline was recognized:

1. Real Value for Business

At Streamline, our mission is to deliver tangible and impactful results for our customers’ businesses. It brings us immense joy when our customers share their success stories, highlighting how we have helped them scale their operations, increase efficiency, and save valuable time. We express deep gratitude to our customers who have taken the time to share how Streamline has truly transformed their business operations.

Ruben D.M. says: “It is powerful and effectively simplifies your complex demand and inventory planning processes.”

The software’s intuitive interface and easy-to-use features make it accessible to users of all levels of technical expertise. Its machine-learning algorithms provide accurate and reliable predictions, even for complex datasets.

2. Customer Support

At Streamline, we are extremely dedicated to providing exceptional support to our customers. Our commitment to the development of solutions for complex problems is taken seriously by everyone in our team.

Joseph K. says: “Customer service is patient, responsive and very helpful.” The program has helped us tremendously as we grow our inventory and SKU count.

3. Product Innovation Capability

Amber G. says: “The future of inventory management with powerful predictive analytics.”

The inte­gration capabilities of GMDH Streamline are­ highly impressive. With this software, I can e­asily connect to various data sources, consolidate information, and gain a compre­hensive view of our inve­ntory and sales.

Being a Leader is all about being ahead of the curve, and we seek to deliver innovative capability that goes far beyond automating familiar business processes. And we are continually expanding our solution to give customers the capability they need for their challenges.

Our customers highlight product innovation as one of the key values they get from Streamline.

The Bottom Line

At Streamline, we value and appreciate the opinions of our customers. G2 rankings, which are based on real user reviews, play a significant role in helping us understand the impact of our collaboration with businesses. We are immensely grateful to our customers for taking the time to share their feedback on G2. Their reviews serve as daily motivation for us to continue delivering exceptional solutions.

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