Business Forecasting

For sales and demand forecasting, inventory optimization and inventory planning.

Predictive Analytics

For time series forecasting, regression, curve fitting, classification and clustering.

Privacy Policy


Our software does not collect any personal information. It does not send private user information when connecting to the Internet for updates on user demand.

Email addresses

GMDH Shell collects email addresses from users who buy our software. These emails are used to send license keys, to notify about changes in registration, and about major software updates or new releases. Registered users can change or remove their email addresses by contacting us or by clicking the “Unsubscribe” link in the email message..

Personal Information

During the purchase process, we collect some user information required to put the order. In particular we record name, address, phone and email of a customer. This information is collected by our registration provider — PayPro Global, the trusted e-commerce company, known for their long-term reputation for professionalism and security. They have their own privacy policy (pdf). No personal information will ever be shared with another company.

GMDH Shell does not store users’ credit card numbers and other sensitive payment information — this data is only available to the secure service of PayPro Global during the purchase process.


Please contact us if you have any questions.