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GMDH Streamline partners with Xpect Value to optimize end-to-end supply chain planning

New York, NY — October 13, 2022 — GMDH Inc., an innovative global provider of supply chain planning and predictive analytics solutions, is thrilled to announce the start of the Partnership with Xpect Value, a Swiss-based consulting company in the German-speaking market.

Xpect Value specializes in the software product IFS Applications and supports businesses through all phases of the implementation project, updates, upgrades, and optimizations. As supply-chain consultants, they tackle and help to get the most out of the existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Moreover, Xpect Value professionals are providing out-of-the-box decisions and advanced solutions.

“In GMDH Streamline, we believe in collaborations. I’m absolutely happy to welcome Xpect Value onboard! This partnership is going to expand GMDH Streamline’s presence in the German-speaking market and to scale up the Xpect Value expertise, bringing value to clients,” – said Natalie Lopadchak-Eksi, VP of Partnerships at GMDH Streamline.

With experience in projects from the typical Swiss SME to the multi-national enterprise, Xpect Value offers consulting services in investment evaluation of software implementation or complete systems deployment for businesses of any structure complexity.

“Our clients’ goals are our goals,” – said Sedat Demiri, Managing Director at Xpect Value. “Our professional support guarantees the desired added value for top management and end users.”

The company was founded by Sedat Demiri and Dario Flandia. Together, they have more than 30 years of professional experience in the supply chain on a practical and software level. They specialize primarily in the production & development, high technology, engineering, and automotive sectors, performing numerous successful ERP implementation and digitalization projects for companies with an international focus.

“The biggest advantage of us is that we understand the practice process behind the ERP and can intervene accordingly to streamline the processes,” – said Dario Flandia.

About GMDH:

GMDH is the leading supply chain planning software company that builds an AI- powered solution for supply chain planning to optimize inventory levels and make more money on the supply chain for manufacturers, distributors, and retailers worldwide.

Press Contact:

Mary Carter, PR Manager

GMDH Streamline

For more information regarding the services of Xpect Value Consulting GmbH contact:

Sedat Demiri

Managing Director at Xpect Value Consulting GmbH

Tel: +41 79 339 64 15


Dario Flandia

Managing Director and Business Process Consultant at Xpect Value Consulting GmbH

Tel: +41 76 584 19 94


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