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The State of Furniture 2023

Key Market Trends and Quick Wins for Supply Chain Directors of the Furniture Businesses [Industry Research]


What will you learn?

The furniture industry has its specific challenges. The most significant disrupting factors are the rise of transportation costs, trade disruptions, warehousing optimization, material and parts shortages, soaring lead times, etc.

The goal of this research is to explore the current state of the furniture industry in 2023, with the trends and technologies shaping the digital revolution, and how furniture businesses can be best prepared for the coming future.

Additionally, we’ve included our recommendations and case studies of how Demand Planners and Supply Managers can get more quick wins in supply chain management with the GMDH Streamline supply chain planning platform.

Core topics uncovered

  • Industry’s and consumer behaviour overview
  • Lack of digital maturity as the main challenge
  • 5-year perspective
  • “Quick wins” with Streamline

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