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Streamline has a new simulation tool: Time Machine


GMDH Streamline takes care of a significant chunk of your supply chain needs. Many of our users requested a feature that could help supply chain planners to better perform their purchasing plans and control whole supply chain. Streamline’s team work hard on these requests. And now, we are ready to present a new tool – Time Machine – that allows every user to complete a simulation on its own data and see the progress in the future.

What is Time Machine?

Time Machine – a simulation tool that executes purchasing recommendations in a simulated ERP system. Time passes as fast as your CPU allows showing you the future of your supply chain in all reports and tabs. This feature can be used for supply chain stress-testing as it adds white noise to your demand plan.

Time Machine is designed to fast forward your project within a set time periods. You also can add noise to stress-test your supply chain. Once system is done with placing expected orders, it will produce you the outcomes assets and months ahead. All tabs and reports shows the data months ahead.

You can try Time Machine with your data in Streamlime now

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