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Excel VS software: agility and simulation capacity in inventory planning processes: Live Webinar

Topic: Excel VS software: agility and simulation capacity in inventory planning processes

GMDH Streamline is hosting a series of webinars focused on optimization of demand forecasting and inventory planning processes during the crisis. Each week, we will connect with supply chain experts from around the globe, who will be sharing their experiences from various perspectives.

The supply chain planning process involves the interaction of various stakeholders within the company. On the one hand, the sales and marketing areas that incorporate market knowledge due to their proximity to the client, and on the other hand, the operation areas that have a relationship with suppliers and manage the production plans. In an environment of uncertainty and changes, the speed at which these participants can collaborate with each other, as well as their ability to evaluate different scenarios, play an important role in allowing the company to make timely decisions for a correct balance of the chain.

Given that variables such as lower sales volumes, different demand dates, different supplier delivery times or the impact of changes in cost and prices must be included. Simulation capacity is decisive not only for the optimization of the supply chain but also for the survival of the company.

During this webinar, you will get an idea of how Streamline facilitates interaction between all parties involved in the planning process and enables rapid evaluation of the different scenarios that may arise.

About the speaker:

Mario Badillo R., Partner-General Manager Proaktio – has more than 20 years of experience in business consulting with technological solutions like ERP, SCP and BI. Business Advice to more than 60 companies in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, especially in the industrial and commercial sectors. He works as a Trainer in MRPII and S&OP in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

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