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Forecasting and budget planning with Streamline during COVID-crisis: Live Webinar

Topic: Forecasting and budget planning with Streamline during COVID-crisis: a case study

During the webinar, we talked about scenario planning and forecasting in unexpected situations without common historical sales data and how to adjust forecast to the current sales volume using different features in Streamline software.

Also, a case study from the manufacturing industry will be presented as a live experience.

This webinar is going to be the most interesting for:

  • CEO
  • COO
  • CFO
  • Sale directors
  • Demand Planning Directors
  • Supply Chain Directors

About the speaker:

Akarat Rujirasettakul, CPIM, ESLog, Inno Insight Co Ltd – supply chain and logistics consultant with 20+ years of experience managing all supply chain functions including sourcing, contract manufacturing, supply planning, logistics, customer service and quality assurance for Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia.

Language: English

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