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Manufacturers, distributors, and retailers worldwide rely on Streamline to manage over $3 billion in inventory.

  • Forecast, plan, and place orders twice as fast.
  • Reduce stock-outs by up to 98% and increase revenue correspondingly.
  • Reduce excess inventory by 15-50%.
  • Increase inventory turnover by 35%.
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“If you are using Excel spreadsheets for Demand & Supply planning, move quickly to this software that will certainly make your planning much more efficient, capitalize benefits very fast, and make your life much easier.”

Sr. Consultant on Gartner Peer Insights

What is demand forecasting software?

Demand forecasting software is the solution for predicting future customer demand. Using such tools helps to handle resources for future demand. Also, this is a good opportunity to track inventory turnover, sales and annual revenue on a real-time dashboard in Streamline. Your team can easily plan financial expenses, material requirements, demand, and other operations.
Sales forecasting software gives the opportunity to see different development scenarios and choose the best way to scale your business. This is the place to store and analyze your sales history. Streamline builds a reliable forecast based on historical data.

How to know you’ve found the perfect demand forecasting solution for your business in 2020?

Screenshot of a demand forecasting software.

1. Fast and intuitive user interface

Inventory planning has to be accomplished efficiently and effectively. Therefore you can concentrate on long terms goals and business development.

2. Seamless integration of company data sources

Bidirectional connectivity allows to pull in data from your sales system into Streamline, as well as automatically export the forecasted order information back to your ERP system.

3. Smooth and fast implementation process

A successful implementation requires the coordination of many variable factors. We are well ware of the the gamut of sales and ERP systems available on the market nowadays. Thus, we will make sure you and your team are ready to go on promptly.

4. Ideal fit of the business process in your company

Your inventory planning solution needs to be aligned with your business goals and with all of the other processes in your company.

There are many factors to consider when choosing an inventory planning software system for your company. These might include the total cost of ownership of the chosen solution, reliability, high quality support, and finally, your ability to evaluate all features before making the decision.

Demand forecasting in GMDH Streamline

Let us take a closer look at Streamline features specific to demand forecasting:

Get a free version and evaluate GMDH Streamline or contact us to learn how to streamline the demand forecasting process in your company.

Too much manual work in Excel?

Streamline your planning today:

  • Forecast, plan, and place orders twice as fast.
  • 90-98% reduction in stock-outs.
  • 15-50% reduction in excess inventory.
  • 35% higher inventory turnover.
  • 10-40X ROI in the first year. 100% ROI in the first month.
  • GMDH Streamline already manages over $3 billion in inventory for retailers, wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers, and ecommerce worldwide.

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Learn and see in action the key features and benefits of GMDH Streamline software.

Accurate Statistical Forecast

Inaccurate Forecasts might be even more dangerous than absence of a forecasts at all.

Many forecasting products use “model fit” to determine which forecasting algorithm to use. The issue with this approach is that it promotes models that may look great on current data, instead of making accurate predictions on future data. This is called “overfitting”. That is why, GMDH Streamline uses special algorithms to create models that thoroughly analyse the data and generates the statistical models on the existing periods and provide more accurate forecasting predictions.

Forecast Approval System

Do you need to collaborate with your colleagues to develop your forecasts?

Our forecast approval system provides you an opportunity to manage your forecasts with others, allowing each SKU to have a status of Approved, Unapproved, or Needs Attention. Approved SKUs are locked from further changes.

Revenue Planning

Do you need to know your sales forecast for your next period(s)?

Streamline is able to import sales prices as well as sales history, allowing revenue forecasts align with demand forecasts.

Flexible Manual Adjustments

How do you make your forecast responsive to additional factors?

For many businesses, the final forecast is a consensus between statistical forecasts and management/planner assumptions.

GMDH Streamline provides an environment where forecasts can be managed, reevaluated, and modified based on additional information available internally by your management team, or provided by your vendors and suppliers.

New Products Forecasting

Do you have new units that replace discontinued products or any very new commodity with limited market history?

Not a big deal ! GMDH Streamline can link such profiles to the sales history of similar, existing products (substitutions) or set seasonal coefficients. This allows you to get a reliable forecast for those fresh items as well.

What our customers say about us

Eric Tewey

Streamline has made a major difference in our forecasting and manufacturing planning. The ease of use, flexibility, and accuracy has far exceeded our expectations. Streamline has helped take our forecasting accuracy from average to world-class; which has a very positive bottom line impact. In addition, to Streamline being a great tool for us, the customer service we receive is second to none: it’s impressive. The time invested in learning our business, our model, and our people has been greatly appreciated and shows in the results.

Vice President of IT at Swisher International
Jacob Shallman

GMDH Streamline is the small business demand forecasting dream come true. If you are too small for a huge ERP and big enough to need to track and forecast demand and reorders this is really the perfect tool. It integrates so nicely into QuickBooks and in one click runs your regular reports. It takes out all the hours and hours of manual updating. I love this tool.

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