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How AI optimized unnecessary inventory expenses by $210,000/month

ZTOZZ eCommerce Brand of D2C Furniture

About the client

ZTOZZ eCommerce Brand of D2C Furniture

ZTOZZ is a pioneer eCommerce brand of contemporary and affordable bed frames with embedded high-demanded LED-Light technology. The company is in the niche of Cross-Border Online D2C Furniture. The main goal is to re-engineer and adapt offline best-selling furniture for the eCommerce field for various home goods product verticals. They offer its catalog on as a product supplier and as an independent seller on and branded website


ZTOZZ eCommerce Brand of D2C Furniture case study

eCommerce has its own approach when it comes to inventory management and analysis. It’s “day-and-night” compared to traditional brick-and-mortar. When product listing has the right pricing and quantity on hand, the demand grows almost exponentially. Thus, ZTOZZ company has been underselling most of its bestsellers and was unsure about the stored SKUs. The ordering process has always been challenging as many important metrics were neglected, and the forecast accuracy was questionable. Stockouts and overstocks were commonplace, along with frozen money in non-liquid goods and cash flow gaps.

“The most important criteria for all eCommerce companies, including us. is budget, functionality, and implementation timeline. Streamline was a no-brainer when we tested it internally. We realize that customized integration will take much more time, but the result will be incomparable to other market alternatives,” said Alex Nikitin, Founder of ZTOZZ.


The implementation process

The implementation process took almost 6 months to complete as the company was the first to connect the Sellercloud platform and Streamline forecast solution from scratch, and now this connector works for all Sellercloud clients as well.

Most complex calculations happen on the backend, and being a user, you focus on what you need the most inventory and profit optimization. The procurement department utilized it from day one in all possible verticals.


The procurement and sales departments have improved forecast accuracy and reported irreplaceable weekly reports. It gives the ability to make informed business decisions and develop data-driven strategies. ZTOZZ company was able to achieve following results:

  1. Avoid bestsellers stockouts, which turned into an additional profit of $180,000/month
  2. Reduce unnecessary inventory expenses by $210,000/month
  3. Achieve real-Time Inventory Levels Visibility

“Ecommerce has changed in the past years. Its competitive environment requires dynamic solutions. Timely data-driven decisions may distinguish the unique company from its competitors. Streamline provides its affordable unprecedented data analysis flexibility and easy access to all required tools for the decision-making process. It’s a MUST on a company’s software bucket list if you are a manufacturer, distributor, retailer, or eCommerce (especially omnichannel SellerCloud users).” Alex Nikitin, Founder of ZTOZZ

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  • Achieve optimal 95-99% inventory availability, ensuring you can meet customer demand consistently.
  • Attain up to 99% forecast accuracy, getting more reliable planning and decision-making.
  • Experience up to a 98% reduction in stockouts, minimizing missed sales opportunities and customer dissatisfaction.
  • Cut excess inventory by up to 50%, freeing up valuable capital and storage space.
  • Increase margins by 1-5 percentage points, boosting overall profitability.
  • Enjoy up to 56 times ROI within one year, with a 100% ROI achievable in the first three months.
  • Reduce the time spent on forecasting, planning, and ordering by up to 90%, allowing your team to focus on strategic activities.