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How Streamline optimized inventory for food production company

About the company

KGG Corporation is a public company based in Thailand, specializing in the production and distribution of consumer products, with a focus on dairy and gourmet food products. Established in 1958, the company has built a reputation as a leading importer of butter, cheese, and raw materials for bakery and Western food from globally renowned brands. With over 2,000 employees and a sales turnover exceeding 7,000 MB in 2023, KGG Corporation is a critical player in the FMCG industry in Thailand.


KGG Corporation faced several challenges in the FMCG sector, particularly in demand forecasting, manufacturing capacity planning, inventory management, and the S&OP process. The company needed a comprehensive solution to streamline its end-to-end supply chain management processes, aiming to increase profitability, productivity, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.


In search of a solution, KGG Corporation initiated a selection process aligned with its organizational requirements and business goals for long-term sustainable growth. The company was looking for the solution that could:
  • enhance demand forecasting process
  • provide AI-driven insights for improved forecast accuracy
  • integrate seamlessly with its ERP system for order and inventory planning

The implementation process lasted three months, during which there was integrated demand forecasting, inventory management for both imported and manufactured goods, as well as supply planning from manufacturing to main DCs and regional DCs.


Since implementing Streamline, KGG Corporation has experienced significant improvements in sales forecast accuracy and inventory turnover. The AI-powered demand forecasting model integrated with the ERP system has positively impacted stock turnover and reduced slow-moving and obsolete (SLOB) stocks. The solution has successfully addressed challenges across all related departments and teams, enhancing overall integrated business planning processes.

“After implementing Streamline, we saw a remarkable improvement in our sales forecast accuracy across all channels. We would definitely recommend this solution to other companies,” – said Vice President of Demand and Supply Planning Department at KGG Corporation.

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