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How to support customer retention: Live Webinar

the correct demand planning and inventory management processes

Topic: How the correct demand planning and inventory management processes support customer retention

On Wednesday, July 14 at 9 AM EST, the webinar How the correct demand planning and inventory management processes support customer retention will be held by Jairo Sanchez.

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In this webinar, the speaker will argue that proper demand planning as well as alignment of the production, distribution, and procurement processes can shape the customer satisfaction (and retention) in the most efficient way, which is made possible by analytical tools, such as Streamline. We will discuss how the smooth demand planning process is significant for business success, and discuss its benefits for increasing customer satisfaction levels.


  • What is customer experience (CX)?
  • What do we mean when we talk about CX?
  • CX is equally important as the product or the price
  • Ways Demand planning improves Customer Retention
  • Ways Inventory Management Improves Customer Retention
  • Customer service as performance measure
  • Q&A
  • About the speaker:

    Jairo Sanchez, supply chain management consultant and lecturer in postgraduate programs MBA with emphasis in operations professional CSCP certified by APICS. Founder of j.i.s. Consulting that focuses on supply chain process optimization. Jairo has worked in global companies such as SABMiller, Carvajal, the General Motors’ dealers’ network, and Oracle. He has led regional strategic and commercial positions, heading operational expansion and process optimization projects, particularly in Colombia, Mexico, and Brazil, where he lived for two years. All his experiences have been motivated by team building, customer satisfaction, and data visibility to leverage all supply chain processes.

    This webinar is going to be the most interesting for:

    • CEO
    • COO
    • CFO
    • Sale directors
    • Demand Planning Directors
    • Supply Chain Directors

    Language: English

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