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1. General Information

2. Starting Up

3. Connecting data

4. Demand and Sales Forecasting

5. Inventory Planning

6. Reference


6.7. Item View

The Item view shows imported data on an item basis. It is mainly designed to:

It also allows you to:

The Item view consists of:

The Tree view on the left shows the imported data hierarchy and is primarily used for browsing the items and viewing their properties using a special icon-coding. The leaf nodes of the tree are planning items that are forecasted. The tree branches are usually items’ categories or locations which forecasts and other information are a simple aggregation of the values at the lowest levels of the tree. As you select a node in the tree, its information is immediately shown in the Table, Plot, and the Panel.

The Table and Plot depict actual sales, statistical and adjusted forecasts and projected inventory levels. The Table displays additional information depending on the imported data configuration. For example, the items’ pricing or inventory in stock. Moreover, all the information that is shown in the Table and Plot can be exported to Excel and PNG file correspondingly.

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