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1.3. Software activation

When you first run Streamline, it shows the activation window and prompts you to choose a mode it will be run in the future (see figure below).

  • Start trial now option activates Streamline in a Trial mode that allows using the application without any restrictions for 14 days.
  • Continue using Free Edition. By default, Streamline is run in a Free edition mode. This mode limits the data import to 50 items and 1 location. If you choose this option or click the Cancel button of the dialog, Streamline will be run in the Free edition mode.
  • Enter a license key. Choose this option to activate Streamline in a Licensed mode by entering your license key. If the activation process has been successful, Streamline will be run without any restrictions for the subscription period.
Activation of Trial or Licensed mode requires an Internet connection.

Trial Edition

To start a trial period:

  1. Choose the Start trial now option in the activation window.
  2. Click OK.
  3. Enter your first and last names, email address and click OK in the Start trial period window (see figure below).

When the trial period ends, Streamline starts running in the Free edition mode.

A project that was created in the Trial or Licensed mode won't be able to be saved in the Free edition mode if it has more than 50 items or more than 1 location.
If you have started evaluating Streamline in the Free edition mode first, you still can switch it to the full-featured Trial mode. To do this, go to the menu Help > Start a 14-day trial period.

Free Edition

The Free edition is limited to 50 items and 1 location with no time limitations. To stick with the Free Edition, choose the Continue using Free Edition option or click Cancel button in the activation window.

Licensed Edition

To activate the Licensed edition:

1. Choose the Enter a license key option in the activation window or go to the menu Help > Enter a license key.

2. Fill out the activation form shown in the figure below.

3. Streamline is then activated:

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