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1. General Information

2. Starting Up

3. Connecting data

4. Demand and Sales Forecasting

5. Inventory Planning

6. Reference


6.11. Distribution Center

Distribution center tab is used to plan your inventory for a supply chain represented by a two-echelon model. The goal of this tab is to generate an ordering plan based on the demand from the lower echelon and DCs' replenishment parameters. Depending on the Streamline configuration, an ordering plan may include any combination of the following:

  • a purchase plan showing replenishments from your suppliers; and
  • a material requirements plan and a production plan.

A planning item in an ordering plan can belong to one of the three mentioned plans. The Distribution center tab shows an ordering plan for distribution centers. Ordering plan for the other locations is on the Inventory planning tab.

In addition to the ordering plan, this tab provides a bunch of other important outcomes.

Just as the Inventory planning tab, the Distribution center tab allows using filters for creating custom reports, displaying items that satisfy given criteria. It contains a set of tabs (or reports), a toolbar and a table under each tab (see figure below).

By default, the tab area includes only one report All items. The New filter button opens the Filter dialog that is used to specify the filtering criteria for the new custom report. As soon as you configure the filter, Streamline creates a new report based on it and adds it into the set of tabs as a newly created tab.

The All items report is also customizable. On one hand, you can show/hide a particular set of columns in the Settings, on the other, show the necessary set of planning items by using filters.

In addition to reporting capabilities, the Distribution center tab enables you to modify DCs' replenishment parameters. There are several ways to change replenishment parameters. The easiest one is modifying them right in the All items report by editing the columns having a yellow background.

As soon as any of the parameters has been changed, Streamline automatically recalculates the outcomes of the Distribution center tab. Hence, Distribution center tab always shows you the Ordering plan and the Projected inventory levels at the current state of the parameters.


* Search toolbar is used to search for a particular phrase in the Item code and Description columns of the currently active report. The search is not case-sensitive and searches for the substring in a string. To start the search or find the next occurrence, press Enter, or F3, or click on the search icon.

  • Settings button opens the Distribution center settings which are applied to all of the reports of this tab.
  • Edit filter button opens the filter dialog for the currently selected report where you can edit the filtering criteria.
  • Export table button exports the currently active report to an Excel file. Next to the button is a little black triangle that shows you an additional exporting option – Export to database (described below).
  • Export to XLSX command exports the currently active report to an Excel file.
  • Export parameters exports DCs' replenishment parameters into the on-the-fly created Excel file where they can be edited.
  • Import parameters loads the Excel file created using the Export parameters button. You can optionally choose any other Excel file to load. To do this:

1. Click on a little triangle near the button.
2. Select the Choose file… command.

3. Choose the file and click OK.

  • Total order value shows the total value of the current order in the supplier's currency. In other words, it is the sum of the Current order, Value column.


Description of the Category, Item code, Description, DC on hand, DC in transition, DC pending sales orders, DC Lead time, DC order cycle, DC min lot, DC max lot, DC rounding, DC reorder point, DC max inventory, Purchase price, DC shelf life, DC shelf life exceeding, Gross margin, Turn-earn index, Stockout, Overstock columns and Projected inventory levels, Purchase plan sections is the same as for inventory report table.

DC service level is the percentage of the time (in the long run) that the item is in stock, based on the forecast. It can be changed in the DC settings.

DC safety stock is referred to the safety stock amount for the distribution center. It is an assessment of the reserve stock for the:

It is based on the given DC service level which can be set in the DC settings.

Safety stock debt is the total of safety stocks debts of all locations that should be replenished from DC besides the locations’ demand forecasts. The location's safety stock debt is the quantity that is necessary supply in order to keep location's Safety stock at the recommended level. It arises when location's Safety stock is consumed due to unpredictable fluctuations in the future demand. It is rounded by the location's Rounding parameter when the total Safety stock debt is calculated.

DC Order now section gives recommendations of what and how much to order today. The Qty column shows the item amount that should be ordered. The Value shows the purchase order item value in the base currency. Order now quantity calculation depends on how DC is configured. If it is a virtual warehouse between suppliers and locations, the Excel formula looks like:

Order now qty = MAX(CEILING(MAX(0, DC Cycle Time Demand[starting from lead time] + DC Safety Stock + Safety stock debt – DC Remaining), Rounding), Min lot).

If DC is configured to be one of imported locations, the formula is:

Order now qty = MAX(CEILING(MAX(0, DC Cycle Time Demand[starting from lead time] + DC Safety Stock + Safety stock debt + DC Pending sales orders – DC Remaining), Rounding), Min lot).


Remaining = MAX (0, DC On Hand + DC In Transition – DC Lead Time Demand).

DC Demand forecast section shows the item replenishment quantities (taken from the ordering plan) aggregated by locations for each forecasted period. In particular, the first column of this section shows the sum of the item Order now qty column aggregated by locations.

Inventory report Tab

If DC is active, the Inventory planning tab shows inventory report that provides replenishment recommendations for all locations, except the DC’s location. The Order now section of the Inventory report shows the quantity that should be replenished from the DC today.

Information listed in the Inventory planning tab and Distribution center tab depends on how DC is configured in the DC settings. DC can be treated only as an intermediate warehouse between suppliers and locations, or in addition to that, it incorporates one of the imported locations. Let’s consider these two situations.

DC as intermediate warehouse

Streamline can consider DC as an intermediate warehouse between suppliers and locations. DC can only receive products from suppliers and replenish other locations with necessary volumes of goods.

To set DC to work so, do the following:

  1. Go to the menu File > Settings > Distribution center.
  2. Ensure that the Enable option is checked.
  3. Set the Location control to '(Other location)'. It is the default option.
  4. Click OK.

The report has no DC inventory information by default.

To load the information, use importing from Excel method. The imported information is displayed in blue color (marked as overridden in Streamline). The report is automatically recalculated.

DC as selling location

Streamline supports the situation when DC can make shipments to customers directly. In this case, it should be configured as one that incorporates one of the imported locations. To do that:

  1. Go to the menu File > Settings > Distribution center.
  2. Ensure that the Enable option is checked.
  3. Select the location, you want to incorporate in DC in the drop-down list of the Location control.
  4. Click OK.

Now, inventory information of the incorporated location is depicted in the DC inventory report.

While the Inventory report Tab displays the inventory report for all the other locations.

Inventory information of the incorporated (East) location is absent here now.

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