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1.8. Using Streamline on a Virtual Machine

You can deploy Streamline to a virtual machine instead of a physical computer. The virtual machine can be part of your company infrastructure, or can be rented online. Below are instructions on how to use a VM rented at Vultr.

Renting a VM at Vultr

  1. Create an account here:
  2. Choose “Cloud Compute”
  3. Choose the nearest available Server Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
  4. Choose Server Type: Windows: 2016 x64
  5. Choose Server Size: $20/mo
  6. Choose Additional Features: Enable Auto Backups
  7. Server Hostname & Label: e.g. “Streamline”
  8. Click Deploy Now and wait for approximately 15 mins.

Logging into a Vultr VM

How to connect after deployment of the server:

  1. Click on your server here:
  2. On your computer press Win+R and copy-paste the command: %windir%\system32\mstsc.exe
  3. Enter IP address of your server from the step 1.
  4. Enter your credentials Login/Password.

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