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4. Connecting data

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3.3. Updating a Project

Updating a project is one of the commonly used operations. After a project has been created based on the available sales history, you will inevitably need to update it by a new sales period or inventory information in future.

Update or Reimport Completely

You should reimport completely if the scope of the project has been extended. For example:

  • A new item has been added with its sales history that was not previously stored in Streamline.
  • Item/location codes have been changed.
  • A new warehouse/channel has been added with its sales history that was not previously stored in Streamline.

In any other cases, a project update is enough to synchronize your data correctly. For example, you add a new warehouse or channel without any sales and the stock-list has not been changed.

Updating a project

To synchronize your project with the data source, click the Update data button in the Toolbar.

The Update data operation imports previously unseen time periods and re-imports two periods of already imported history.
However, if you have approved forecasts in you project, they will not be changed after you click the Forecast button. That’s because Streamline locks approved forecasts. To update forecasts for such items, unapprove them first and click the Forecast button then.

As you update the data, Streamline shows the date of the last relevant transaction in the data source in the program title (see figure below).


Let’s consider an example project created from an Excel file. In the project, we have all the forecasts approved as of December 2015 (see figure below).

1. We added a new sales period (January 2016) in the Excel file and saved the changes.

2. Now, click the Update data button to load the new sales period in Streamline (see figure below).

3. Since we have approved forecast in the project, let us first unapprove them. To do this, we select the top node in the tree (the All items node) and click the Approve/Unapprove button in the tab toolbar (see figure below).

4. In our example, the last updated period is complete, therefore let us set the As of parameters to Jan 2016 and re-forecast the project (see figures below).

Now, we have all the forecasts and replenishment plans updated.

Reimporting a project

To reimport a project completely:

  1. Open your project.
  2. Go to the menu command File > Change connection.
  3. Choose connection type according to your current data source.
  4. Click OK button. (Connection parameters remain unchanged.)

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