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2. Starting Up

3. Connecting data

4. Demand and Sales Forecasting

5. Inventory Planning

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5.10. Products with a Shelf Life

Streamline can take into account the product shelf life limit when builds the purchase or replenishment plan. The shelf life is not the same as the expiration date. It is a fraction of the expiration period during which we want the product to be sold.

If sales are monthly, the shelf life should be given in months as well.

When the Shelf life parameter of the Inventory report is set for a product, the Safety stock calculation is no longer based on the service level. The Shelf life exceeding is used instead.

The default value of this parameter is 5%. It means that out of 100 items that we purchase, only 5 items on average are not sold during the shelf life. The option is available on the inventory tab of the Settings dialogue.

When the Shelf life column in the Inventory planning tab has cells with a red background, it means that if you order 1 unit of the item, it won't be sold with the probability of more than the shelf life exceeding percentage.

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