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1. General Information

2. Starting Up

3. Connecting data

4. Demand and Sales Forecasting

5. Inventory Planning

6. Reference


6.13. Command Line

It’s an option to use the command line with Streamline and preset certain operations to take place automatically and more quickly in the background. This allows you to minimize time expenses and cut down on repetitive actions.

You can create a .bat file where you would insert a sequence of the necessary functions that you want to have executed automatically, scheduling auto-execution of the file on your computer for a specific point in time. In the file, you would also need to specify the path to Streamline.exe and to the project file.

All existing commands are listed below:

/full_updatePerforms a full re-import, updating the entire history
/updateRe-imports data from the data source only for the last 2 forecasting periods
/saveSaves your project, even if it was opened by another user (ignoring the Lock File)
/dc_export_ordersExports purchase orders from the Distribution center report into your database
/dc_export_reportExports the Distribution center report into database
/ir_export_ordersExports purchase orders from the Inventory planning tab into database
/ir_export_reportExports the report from the Inventory planning tab into database


Inventory planning workflow
“GMDH Streamline.exe” c:\Project\file.gsl /update /save

Executive workflow
“GMDH Streamline.exe” c:\Project\file.gsl /dc_export_report /ir_export_report

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