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1. Streamline Client

2.Streamline Server

3. Starting Up

4. Connecting data

5. Demand and Sales Forecasting

6. Inventory Planning

7. Reference


2.1. Introduction to Streamline Server

Streamline Server is a Windows service application that enables multi-user functionality of the application. It means that multiple users can work simultaneously on the same .gsl file. All the functionality of the Streamline Server is fully consistent with the Desktop Streamline.

Streamline Server has a standard client-server architecture and data flow. It's shown in the figure below.

The recommended system requirements for Streamline Server are:

  • OS Windows;
  • 3+ GHz min 2-core virtual machine;
  • 16GB RAM for projects above 100k SKUs.

Streamline Server is a great solution for companies that would like to manage their S&OP process, or simply allow all parties to commit changes to the Streamline project at the same time. It is highly recommended for teams using 3+ Streamline licenses. Streamline server makes it possible to provide a user with a slice of data they are allowed to work with. While the power user can see the whole picture by analyzing and working with the whole project. In addition to simultaneous workflow, the benefit of using Streamline Server is that Streamline project access is available from any location. All project information is safely backed-up on the company's premises/cloud.

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