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1. Streamline Client

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4. Connecting data

5. Demand and Sales Forecasting

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7.8.3 Table

The Table of the Item view shows information about the item selected in the tree view.

  • Actual sales is the sales history loaded to Streamline.
  • Statistical forecast is the result of statistical forecasting.
  • Forecast adjustments are the statistical forecast overrides that are made manually.
  • Average sales price (if available) is the sales price averaged through the data aggregation period. This row is shown only if the sales prices were imported. Data for this row can be changed manually.
  • Revenue (if available) is calculated based on the averaged sales price in the data history period and based on the current (or adjusted) sales price for the forecast period. This row is only shown if the sales prices were imported.
  • Gross Profit (if available) shows the total gross profit in the data aggregation period calculated based on the imported transactions. This row is only shown if the Transaction profit was imported.
  • On hand (if available) shows the inventory on hand at the end of the period. You can manually override the data of this row.
  • Stockout days shows the number of days in the period you had run out of inventory. This characteristic is calculated by Streamline automatically when transactions are imported and can be changed manually.
  • Projected inventory levels (if available) shows the expected inventory at the end of the period based on the forecasts. It is available if inventory information was imported.
  • Purchase plan (if available) shows quantity that should be ordered until the 1-st day of the period depicted in the table header.

Context Menu

Context menu of the Table contains commonly used operations as:

  • Add Note…. Adds a note to the selected cell.
  • Propagate value command propagates the value of the selected cell to the right until the first non-empty cell is reached. If a cell contains a formula, the propagation command populates empty cells with this formula (not the value).
  • Save as XLSX… exports the table into Excel.

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