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7.4. Seasonality pattern

Seasonality pattern is a feature that allows users to copy or create from scratch a seasonality for the item. For example, it might be useful for the new items which don’t have enough historical sales for Streamline to recognize seasonality automatically.

If you’d like to create a pattern from scratch, please do the following:

1. Click on the Edit button right next to Seasonality pattern in the Panel of the Demand Tab.

2. Then click “Create” button.

3. Name the pattern, adjust the coefficients, choose the level if no sales, and then click OK.

The coefficients work based on the percentage rate, where 1 is equal to 100%. A negative number is valid and lowers the demand below the level point.

For example, we need to create a pattern where constant level is 2000 sales per month. During the spring season the demand increases by 75, 110 and 90 percent accordingly, while during the fall season the demand drops below the constant level by 50, 150 and 85 percent accordingly.

Once the pattern is chosen in the Panel, the Graph will be showing the following:

To copy the seasonality from the existing item:

1. Find the needed Item code in the Tree view in the Demand Tab.

2. Click on the Model Tab in the Panel.

3. Click the Save as pattern button.

4. Give it a name and adjust the Level if no sales parameter if needed.

5. Once it’s done you can find the pattern in the Panel, in the drop-down menu of the Seasonality pattern feature to apply it to any other item code in your project.

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