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4.2.6. Substitutions Information

If you have kitted items in your inventory but want to forecast and plan only by their components, Streamline can automatically disassemble them and take into account this information. In this case, you should provide the data types indicated in the table below.

Data name Description Datatype
Target code The code of the item that is a component of the kitted item; the substitution item code. String
Item description (optional) The description of the component item. String
Multiplier (optional) The quantity of the component required for the kit. If it is not given, the default value is 1. Double
Item code The code of the kitted item; the substituted item code. String
Substitution date (optional) The starting date the substitution is being executed from. If the date is not given or it is less or equal to today's date, the substitution is executed immediately and on a continuing basis. Date or DateTime
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