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Documentation for Streamline 4.x

User Guide

1. General Information

2. Starting Up

3. Connecting data

4. Demand and Sales Forecasting

5. Inventory Planning

6. Reference


As of control is used to set the period at which you want to have forecasts and inventory plans. If you open the drop-down list, Streamline shows you the periods for which the forecasts can be generated. It also indicates the past periods where forecasts were obtained. It is done by a little blue circle before the period in the list. So, on the one hand, Streamline allows you to go back in the previous periods and see what were the forecasts and plans on that time. On the other hand, it allows you to forecast the past periods, where we have actual data, and, consequently, evaluate them.

Besides the concrete period options, this parameter has the Incomplete period option (the incomplete December on the figure). The option means that the current period is not over, and makes Streamline ignore the sales data in this period and build the forecast as if the last period is the previous one. This option designed to make Streamline not to underestimate the forecast for the incomplete period. Thus, if your sales are not at the end of the current period, use this option when forecasting and building inventory plans.

Horizon sets the number of periods in future for which you want to have forecasts and inventory plans.


The program Tabs are the following:

  • Start provides access to the built-in examples and learning materials.
  • Item View allows:
    • viewing and modifying the imported data on an item basis;
    • viewing the demand forecasts by item or location graphically and numerically;
    • adjusting the forecasts;
    • making corrections to the models on every level of the data hierarchy;
    • performing the ABC analysis;
    • viewing inventory information of every item.
  • List View represents all the items as a list and allows generating a number of reports. Some of the reports can be modified in Excel and imported back to Streamline.
  • Inventory Report shows all inventory information on the items, generates replenishment recommendations and warns the user about current and expected stock-outs and overstocks.
  • Distribution Center provides the ability to plan the inventory and manage safety stocks using a two-echelon system.
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