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1. Streamline Client

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3. Starting Up

4. Connecting data

5. Demand and Sales Forecasting

6. Inventory Planning

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4.2.5. Promotions

Streamline allows you to account for given promotions for a product automatically when it generates the forecasting model. To do this, you should provide the data types shown in the table below.

Data name Description Datatype
Item code The item identifier, also known as SKU. String
Location (Optional) The location where your promotion is carried out.
Channel (Optional) The channel by which the promoted item is distributed or sold.
Start date The date the promotion starts. Date or DateTime
End date The date the promotion ends.
Discount The promotion discount for the item. It should be given as a fractional number. For example, if a discount is 30%, you should provide 0.3. Float

To Streamline be able to account for the future promotional discounts for a product, you must also provide the history of the past promo discounts for this product in the same format as for the future discounts (see an example).

If you need to account for an item promotion that is carried out for all your locations at once, provide an empty string for the Location column.

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